Due diligence – the process of making sure that everything is as it appears to be – has an important part to play in business life.

A due diligence report may be required in the sale or acquisition of a business or in a corporate restructuring. Or it might form part of an application for funding or in project appraisal.

Dickson Middleton chartered accountants and tax advisors in Stirling and Bonnybridge are experienced in providing due diligence reports that make it clear what financial and other information is really saying, so that you can see the complete picture.

Our comprehensive due diligence reports can be tailored to client requirements and include:

  • ownership of assets and intangibles
  • intellectual property
  • debtor recoverability/sales profile
  • completeness of creditor/supplier profiles
  • working capital requirements
  • reality check on projections
  • key personnel
  • human resources
  • environmental issues.

In most cases, we carry out our due diligence work in-house but when appropriate, we are able to access the specialist resources of the UK200Group, for example when an in-depth environmental report is needed or there are specific key personnel enquiries.

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