Rising costs likely to dampen successful year, says ice cream producer

28 Feb 2017

A prominent Scottish ice cream maker has warned that the rising costs of supplies could impact on its profits in 2017. Mackie’s of Scotland, a family-run business based in Aberdeenshire, said its successes in 2016 may be dampened by the


CIOT criticises Scottish income tax divergence decision

27 Feb 2017

The controversial decision to diverge Scottish income tax bands from those used across the rest of the UK will result in ‘increased complexity’ for a large number of Scottish taxpayers, the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has warned. Under the


Stirling announce council tax freeze

24 Feb 2017

Stirling Council has announced that it will freeze council tax rates “to protect the pockets” of its residents. Councillors voted whether to voluntarily maintain the locally agreed council tax rate, or to follow other councils in increasing rates by three


Hospitality chiefs demand answers over business rates

23 Feb 2017

The Scottish government is coming under increasing pressure to launch a root and branch review of the nation’s business rates. Amid concern about the toll that the tax is taking on firms, Finance Secretary Derek Mackay has unveiled a 12.5


Income tax plans agreed by Holyrood

22 Feb 2017

The Scottish Parliament this week voted to set income tax bands which will diverge from those in Westminster for the first time. In the budget session, a majority in Holyrood agreed that the threshold for paying the 40p rate of